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The perfect set of workbooks to get your branding done in as little as a weekend!

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"I started with the font book and realized that the two fonts I was using from my website were not great pairs based on the information in Kimberly's books. So I changed it and it looks SO much better. Then I moved onto my logo and BAM, got something I really loved in like 10 minutes. And Kimberly even helped me incorporate it on my website.  

I am not a designer, AT ALL and I haven't put much time or effort into any branding, but these books are super helpful, especially for a beginner like me! "

Becca Rich | Yoga Instructor, BeccaRichWellness.com

"I've taken branding courses before, and there was still a lot of new information in these beautifully designed books. I feel so much more confident now making informed decisions for my branding instead of just throwing something together as a total non-expert and crossing my fingers! There's tons of visual examples, too, which is probably what I loved about these the most."

Caitie Motta | Health Coach, CoachCaitie.com